About Mostaco

From manually rolling thermal paper samples to becoming one of the fastest growing businesses in Las Pinas, Mostaco is an entrepreneur Cinderella story.

Our Story


Mostaco started on July 2014 with the wife (running sales and marketing) and pop (in charge of everything else) team running the business.

It was a two man team for 2 months. Wife sold and wife and pop delivered the products.

It wasn’t until the 3rd month when a delivery guy was hired.


We didn’t have cash so giving payment terms to customers was out of the question.

Our manufacturers weren’t willing to give us payment terms either.

We focused our energy and marketing expertise in getting clients who are willing to pay in cash. Not an easy task.


When we had enough cash, we shifted our strategy and targeted all types of customers.

We closed deals with water and electric cooperatives, pharmacy and convenience stores, etc.

Slowly but surely, we were able to do business with other dealers, SMBs and big companies.


There is this photo we always look at.

One company asked for thermal paper samples. Since we couldn’t pay to run a manufacturing sample, the whole gang – wife, pop and kids – manually rolled those rolls.

That company is still a Mostaco client.

Small is Big

We are small. But we think big.

We are succeeding not because we are big. But because we are small. And smart.

Awesome Team Members


Customer Satisfaction

Years in Business


On Time Delivery

Happy, Satisfied Clients


Clients on Payment Terms

Invoices Delivered


Client Retention

Our Milestones

July 2014

Mostaco was established. With nary a capital, Mostaco sold it’s first product to a gas station in Zamboanga City.

August 2014

Mostaco closed a deal to record its single biggest invoice to date – almost ₱70,000 for one invoice!

February 2015

One of the biggest convenience stores in the Philippines orders from Mostaco – the first of many orders.

April 2015

Amazing April! Mostaco generates over a million pesos in sales revenue in a single month for the first time. Hoorah!

July 2015

Mostaco’s first year anniversary. Joanne joins the team and started closing deals. Mostaco is now a 2 man sales team again!

December 2015

Four is a charm. For the 4th straight month, Mostaco achieves more than a million in sales revenue. Viva Jojie and Joanne!

February 2016

And the team grows bigger! Yna and Aillen join Mostaco as part of our awesome sales team. Happy closing!

April 2016

Rolled out Pipedrive as CRM and Zoho Books as order management system. Achieved 40% revenue increase from the previous period.

Our Purpose, Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mostaco Purpose, Mission and Vision statements are the building blocks to a successful business relationship with our clients. Every service and product we deliver adheres to our core purpose and values. This ensures high quality products every time with the highest level of customer service.

Mostaco Purpose

Mostaco Marketing is trusted for delivering high quality paper rolls and office supplies with careful detail to client savings, convenience and satisfaction

Mostaco Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading provider of high quality paper rolls and office supplies with a strong emphasis on excellent customer service

Mostaco Vision Statement

Mostaco Marketing aims to become the market leader in providing paper rolls and office supplies to the Southern part of Metro Manila and the CALABARZON area.

Our Values

We are all guided by our Mostaco Values in all our business relationships. Our Mostaco Values ensures long term growth, revenue and profitability, provide excellent customer satisfaction and innovation.


We act with integrity and guided by what is right. We are accountable for our actions and hold ourselves responsible for what we do.


We work together with our clients with an emphasis on client savings to deliver superior products and excellent customer experience.


We build long term relationships with all our clients and deliver all products in a timely manner.


We deliver on commitments to all our clients. We work closely with all our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.


We only delivery high quality paper rolls and office supplies that exceeds our client’s requirements and expectations


We use technology to our advantage to innovate sales and marketing processes to drive growth, revenue and profit.

Meet the Team



Founder, Sole Proprietor, President

Captain of the Mostaco ship. Founder and sole proprietor of Mostaco Marketing. No one is better in closing deals. Master communicator and negotiator. Passionate, self driven and highly motivated to get things done.



Executive Secretary

Expert in closing deals for restaurant and pharmacy franchises. Slowly but surely bringing clients to the fold. Always on the phone and closing our next deals.



Warehouse, Inventory, Dispatch

Our warehouse gal. She calls our warehouse her second home. She is in charge of our warehouse, inventory and makes sure your orders are dispatched properly.



Sales, Marketing, Wufoo

Newest addition to our team. Sends quotations to our Wufoo contacts and follows up on our existing leads. Perfect fit for our bubbly office gal gang!

Our Delivery Team

Our Delivery Team

Delivers Anytime, Anywhere

Bally, Erwin, Ricky and Alex. They get your products on time, all the time, anytime and anywhere. No need for Waze when we have these guys as our delivery and logistics team.

This Could Be You

This Could Be You

Sales Ninja

We are growing! We are actively looking for 2 more sales ninjas to join our team. Look over the job description and let us know if you’re interested. In a short time, we can see the faces behind the mask.

Interested in Partnering With Us?

If you are interested in partnering with us or working with us,  send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!