Mostaco Products

As the fastest growing POS paper and office supplies distributor in the Southern Manila area, Mostaco Marketing has all the essential products to keep your business moving.


Mostaco Marketing carries a complete line of thermal paper products for all your business needs. We have thermal papers in different sizes. If you are using thermal papers for your business, chances are you can order from us.



Mostaco’s standard packaging of thermal papers is three thermal papers wrapped in black plastic. Market research finds that this type of packaging is cost efficient and the most effective way of thermal paper packaging.

And when you remove the packaging...

Removing the packaging, Mostaco thermal papers are high quality thermal papers with a guaranteed 5 year image life. This means that print results would last more than 5 years. You can request thermal papers sample from us anytime.


1 Ply POS Journal Papers

Our POS journal papers 1 ply is one of the core products in our line of paper rolls. Mostaco’s POS journal papers are used by large businesses including the largest retail pharmacy chain in the country.


2 Ply POS Journal Papers

Similar to it’s 1 ply sibling, Mostaco’s POS journal papers 2 ply is a perennial best seller. We provide high quality carbonless POS journal papers for all businesses. Our carbonless POS journal papers are very much in demand because of it’s high impact yield and high quality printing.


Mostaco Marketing’s POS journal papers are bond 60 journal papers and guaranteed to be 100% lint free. They are used for high impact dot matrix cash registers.



Mostaco Marketing’s POS ribbons are OEM compatible ribbons that are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.



Get the same receipt print out quality for a lot less money with Mostaco Marketing’s ERC 32 and ERC 38 ribbons! Our ERC 32 and ERC 38 ribbons are premium quality compatible ribbons that are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM performance. Our POS ribbons are 100% compatible for your printers.



Mostaco Marketing offers all types of continuous forms – plain or printed, numbered or unnumbered, carbon or carbonless.


Count no more

Our continuous forms have the exact number of sheets we specify for your order. Those sheets of continuous forms are meticulously inspected for proper paper substance, perforation and sheet count. You will never get cheated when buying continuous forms from Mostaco Marketing.



Our very own copy papers are customer favorites for everyday printing jobs. This ever reliable paper is perfect for all general business and office needs.


Say goodbye to paper jams

Our copy papers are 99% jam free to generate consistent printing results. Our copy papers are acid free papers. It won’t yellow or fade over time. Mostaco copy papers have high paper brightness ensuring vivid text and images and fewer smears. This is excellent for printing professional documents.



The newest addition to our ever growing product line. Get affordable, brand new, genuine and original printer inks and toners from Mostaco Marketing!


Brand new, original and genuine

You don’t have to look far for all your printer inks, toners and cartridges needs. We have all the major brands when it comes to printer consumables. Whether it is ink, toner or cartridge, we have it and we have it on stock. Most importantly, you will only get brand new, original and genuine printer inks, toners and cartridges from Mostaco Marketing.



Mostaco’s office supplies catalogue is huge! We have all types of various office supplies for every type of business. Divisoria and Binondo also has the office supplies you need but they do not have the convenience and payment terms!

Various Office Supplies

From pens to pencils, folders to envelopes, marking pens to pentel pens, file dividers and storage boxes, we have them all.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes are one of our best selling office supplies. We regularly sell more than 5,000 rolls of packaging tapes each month.

Plastic Envelopes and Folders

Mostaco has the widest variety of plastic envelopes and folders among all dealers. We have different types of folders such as PB US, Kraft, Manila, among others.

Best Deals

Get the best deals on thermal papers, POS journal papers, POS ribbons and office supplies. Free delivery within Metro Manila.