There are many different kinds of printers for every business need. Make no mistake, printers are considered to be one of the most important office equipment.

Since almost all office documents need to be printed or needs to have a hard copy, printers have become as one of the basic necessities for business organizations to perform their day to day activities efficiently.

Different Kinds of Printers for Businesses

There are many kinds of printers available. Most commonly used are laser printers, ink jet printers, plotter printers and dot matrix printers.

Below are brief descriptions of each printer to give you a better understanding of their differences.

Laser printers – Laser printers are preferred by a huge number of businesses due to its high quality and efficiency. Laser printers have the right capability to print texts and graphics in an efficient way. Laser printers will always provide you an efficient result and since they use toner cartridges you reduce the risk of ink spillage. These types of printers use toner cartridges.

Inkjet printers – Inkjet printers were invented before laser printers. These types of printers print images and texts in sharp and accurate way by using ink cartridges. These types of printers are affordable to purchase. Since inkjet printers use ink cartridges, print output is slower than laser printers. These types of printers are often used to print presentations with images instead of everyday documents.

Plotter printers – These types of printers are efficient and suitable to print larger images and text. Pen plotters have the capability to draw images according to the exact computer copy.

Thermal printers – Thermal printers use heat technology to print outputs and uses a special kind of heat sensitive papers. These types of printer uses thermal papers to print out their copies. Thermal printers are often used as part of POS systems since print outs are provided almost instantly.

Dot matrix printers – These printers were the first foundation for all printers. These printers cause several pins to strike against an ink ribbon. However, dot matrix printers don’t print outputs in high quality as the more modern printers. However, a lot of businesses still use dot matrix printers since their ribbon cartridges are not expensive. Dot matrix printers are still in use in banks, hospitals and other financial institutions. Many businesses still use dot matrix printers because it can print out carbon copies which is a need in institutions that need duplicate copies. These types of printer use ribbon cartridges.

There you go. These are the different kinds of printers that most businesses use. Mostaco Marketing has printer consumables for your printing needs. Contact us now to learn more!

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