Thermal paper rolls are very important to all types of businesses. Even with the BIR decision, thermal paper rolls are still widely used. While not being used in most POS systems, thermal papers are still used in queueing systems and certain POS systems in fast foods and restaurants.

Interesting Facts

Below are some interesting facts about thermal paper rolls

  1. Thermal papers have high print quality compared to their POS journal paper counterparts
  2. No ink required for printing on thermal papers. This saves you an enormous amount of money
  3. Fast printing! Printing on thermal papers is incredibly fast and silent compared to printing on POS journal papers. In fact, printing on thermal papers is twice as fast as printing on POS journal papers
  4. Thermal paper printing is mobile! Water districts have thermal paper printers when they do readings for your water consumption
  5. Thermal papers are known by other names. Some people call them till rolls, cash register rolls, paper rolls, thermal rolls, POS rolls, register rolls and many more
  6. Thermal paper rolls are used for ATM receipts, lotto tickets and parking tickets
  7. Most common sizes of thermal paper rolls are 80mm X 70mm and 80mm X 80mm
  8. Thermal papers have a long shelf life of 3 to 5 years depending on your storage environment


Thermal Papers from Mostaco Marketing

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