Inks and Toners Online from Mostaco Marketing

As a purchaser, buyer or business owner, you do a lot of research to find the most affordable inks and toners for your business needs. Unfortunately, most suppliers and distributors don’t have websites to do your research.

That’s where we come in. Mostaco Marketing is the perfect place to shop for inks and toners online. You can browse through our Mostaco Shop and see readily available stocks for inks and toners. If stocks are available, we can delivery your inks and toners within 2 to 5 working days.

Three reasons to shop inks and toners online from Mostaco Marketing

  • Our website is online anywhere and anytime
    You don’t have to go to your local office supply store to purchase inks and toners. You can check out our Mostaco Shop to see readily available stocks of inks and toners. If the inks and toners you need are listed, we have them on stock! We can deliver them to your doorstep within 2 to 5 working days. With our website, you aren’t restricted to do research in certain hours of the day. Our 24/7 website gives you the option to choose your inks and toners and then fill out our contact form for any inquiries.
  • Save money
    Let’s face it, inks and toners are pretty expensive. You won’t get any discounts from your local supply store. However, if you shop for your inks and toners online from Mostaco Marketing, we can negotiate prices with you. We have original, brand new and original inks and toners that are competitively priced and affordable. They are cheaper than local supply stores. For example, HP 35A CB435A is priced at ₱3,160.00 at Office Warehouse. You can purchase that from us for only ₱2,620.00
  • We supply inks and toners to different government agencies
    We only supply original, brand new and genuine inks and toners. As a matter of fact, we have been awarded numerous PhilGEPS awards to supply different government agencies for their ink and toner needs. You all know how strict government agencies scrutinize their suppliers. If we are good enough to supply different government agencies, we are good enough to do business with you.

Inks and Toners from Mostaco Marketing

No need to go to your local bookstore to buy inks and toners. Call us now and we will help you with your ink and toner needs.

We offer competitively priced and affordable inks and toners from well known brands. Contact us now to get a formal quotation for your inks, toners and printer consumable needs. We have free and fast delivery within Metro Manila!

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